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The Tucontrols range of vertical level sensors has been designed to offer cost effective solutions for applications requiring an internally mounted, high reliability, versatile device.    Material options allow use in beverages, water, oil and aggressive chemicals to cover applications in air conditioning, heating oils, refridgeration, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and the food industry.

The standard range is available in Nylon/ NBR, Polypropylene or 316 Stainless Steel with a reversible float for N/O or N/C operation.   The encapsulated 10watt form A reed switch is connected by PVC or polyurethane covered cable.      Fitting employs a simple M8 threaded boss and nut with a silicone sealing gasket.   The product is UL and SGS certified.

In addition, the Tucontrols custom designed level monitoring products also include horizontal reed level sensors, multi-point vertical hall effect level sensors and precision optical level measuring technology.    The range is complemented by simple control boxes and more complex microprocessor controlled level status display units designed to suit the application.

Standard Products



Float Switch - Nylon/NBR - 5M



Float Switch - PolyP/PolyP - 5M



Float Switch - Stainless Steel - 5M



Liquid Level Sensors