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Custom Designed Products

TuControls are proud to be associated with the design, development and manufacture of the following unique products.

Prestige Engineering Fishing Trolley

The electronic drive and control systems for this unique range of fishing barrows has been carefully designed with Prestige to optimise the performance demanded by the heavy loads and harsh environments.

Link: www.carp-porter.com

The HotSpotterTM

This is a simple hand tool for fire-fighters and others involved in fire prevention and detection.   It detects and locates small areas which are hotter than the surroundings, in a building or outdoors.

The HotSpotterTM is robust and watertight, has both audio and multi-coloured LED outputs and runs off a standard 9 Volt battery.

Link: www.hotspotter.net

Power Winch

The Tucontrols electronic drive has been adapted to provide sufficient short-term power to operate a winch for mobility vehicles.   The use of a corded or wireless hand control coupled to an emergency stop module completes this efficient and reliable product.

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