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Encapsulated LED Arrays

Tucontrols has many years of experience encapsulating electronic assemblies for shock, vibration and moisture protection.   More recently this knowledge has been expanded to include the use of clear resins for specialised applications including light, infra-red and microwave transmission and reception systems.

The rapid expansion of LED technology and the use of Light Emitting Diodes in primary lighting systems has created an opportunity to build specialised LED arrays using clear resins for optical lenses, lighting structures and environmental protection.    

Expertise in epoxy, polyurethane and silicone resins coupled with innovative production mould tool design have allowed cost effective solutions for Design Studios specialising in interactive architectural lighting projects.

Cinimod Studios - Heathrow Lighting Project

This lighting display consisted of more than 300 printed circuit boards, 2m long and each loaded with 1248 LEDs, encapsulated in clear resin with a black tint to mask the associated electronics.   Specialised tooling was designed and built to accommodate the long structures and produce a protective, bubble free lens for the LEDs.


Jason Bruges Studios Outdoor Lighting Display

An array of 660 LEDs and movement sensors mounted on a pcb were encapsulated in optically clear resin to give full environmental protection.    A total of 100 of these boards have been used to form an active outdoor lighting display in a park in Canada.   Dedicated tooling was designed to provide the clear bubble free surface finish and accommodate fixing components.  


Jason Bruges Studio "Back to Front" 300 Front Street West,Toronto (YouTube)